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                            Allen Wittert                                                                         Blending abstract expressionism with people and places, cartoons and architecture, Allen Wittert wants to transfer his minds eye onto canvas.


Born in Johannesburg, Allen started his art career while still in his teens - storyboarding for advertising agencies, and supported himself this way for many years. He and his wife moved to London in 1994, where he started painting, and he began selling his work through a local gallery in North Finchley. 

Allen moved to the US in  2000, and over the next ten years he exhibited at the top galleries  in Fairfield at the time : Ulla Surland Gallery in Fairfield, and  the Rockwell galleries in Westport and Wilton. He moved to California in 2015 where he enjoyed solo and group shows with the Jennifer Perlmutter gallery in Lafayette, CA for two years, while also showing with Ugallery and Saatchiart online.  

Allen lives in London UK with his wife and two sons.  Since 2001 his work  has become part of many private and corporate collections in the US and the UK, including Integrated Medical of CT, Dahl Architectural Group ,, the Linda McMahon  Foundation, Mark and Theresa Tillinger, and Stamford Health medical group to name a few.
Allen mostly works in acrylic, and primes the canvas with a few coats of gesso.  He begins with either a charcoal sketch or by painting directly onto the canvas. Using spray bottle and a squeegee, he finds large basic shapes before working into them in more detail, using scraping tools and  brushes. Work is often finished with a gloss or semi gloss varnish.