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I love  doing commissions for collectors, it's always interesting for me to  work with the intended space and the people that will be living  with my art.

MS Harriet F from Maryland  contacted me about  about a commission earlier this year, and after  receiving the painting she wrote this  review:
When I decided to redecorate my living room, I want the art to represent me.  In the past, I purchased original art to comply with the decor, but didn't like when I remodeled. This time around, I did my research to find the perfect painting to go above my couch.

After many months of looking, I found Allen's website online and loved one particular painting, but the size was too small.  The picture was of fashion models in lightly colored  dresses, which totally reflected me. I love anything high fashion.

Hoping he could create a larger version, I contacted Allen.  It was a great conversation. We collaborated on the specifics of the painting including the new dimensions customized to fit the length of my couch. Then to my surprise, he asked for pictures me.

Allen said he could incorporate a likeness of me in the painting. I said, "I didn't know that was an option!"  

When I sent the pictures to Allen, he noticed that I wore black clothing in all the pictures. I wear that color 90% of the time.

As part of the new painting, Allen suggested that my likeness should wear a black dress while the others wear lighter colored dresses. Again, personalizing the painting even more.

He is so creative but made the effort to get my opinion along the way.

The total process took about 3 weeks. Allen frequently sent me updates including a video, emails and calls.

I absolutely love my personalized commissioned painting.

When I sent pictures to all my friends they responded with feedback such as: it's totally you love it and where can I get one?

To conclude, I will contact him soon for a new painting for my dining room

Love the painting - Harriet